Why buying whatsapp is GENIUS and google must be shit scared

Everyone wonders if Whatsapp is worth $19B and all poos and mehs around.. However, I would say $19B is cheap for what its worth in this context.
All Facebook has to do is, make users verify their phone numbers if they list one in facebook. Thats it.

It does not need to serve single advertisement in WhatsApp ever. Here is how FB could use Whats app to enrich its ad business

The moment a FB phone number is verified, suddenly the underlying data in FB and WhatsApp are related by a strong link. Yes – the phone number.

When i Whatsapp my friend Amy ” Hey ! how about a movie and dinner tonight” .. boom.. the data is right in there..
I log in to FB and see the ads for “About last night” movie, and the restaurant advertisement for an Indian Bistro.

Yes. Facebook can make all this advertisement decisions based on
– it knows which part of the world im from (hometown in facebook)
– it knows which part of the world im in (mobile number and location)
– it knows what kind of interests i have (my Facebook posts, likes, data mining my whatsapp and FB messenger conversations)
– What i have currently looked into (browser cookies)

And the best of all, till now, they serve advertisements based on your past. but with whatsapp messaging data they can use the context and even serve ads anticipating what im going to do next.

Now take into account, if facebook becomes aggressive and becomes a ad provider across the web. (a single step to kill google).. This would be the most cognitive ad network that you could see.

Lets take another instance of whatsapp message ” Hey buddy, tomorrow im busy. going to get my taxes done ”

and i get Advertisement in the web – ” H&R block gives 20% discount on taxes for tomorrow”.

Then it has got more data to do data analytics on my relationships. the moment it figures out that my relationship is going downhill, all those dating app advertisements come to me across the entire web.

And then comes the scarier part. Now Facebook is the single point of contact to get to know everything about you for legitimate governmental or any other illegitimate reasons.

one gets access to the Web based Facebook social graph. And then you get access to the Whatsapp based Mobile social graph.

Google must be thinking the impact. suddenly its ad network seems fragile.. Its not the content that makes FB looks richer.. its not the # of Users.. but the sudden potential for FB to predict what am going to do next. What am i looking for. it can induce me in to buying things or making decisions based on a casual conversation that i had with someone.. Wow…

Suddenly Facebook looks more powerful and much scarier.

Its time to go and buy more FB stocks.. accumulate it like never before..



Why Facebook Mail might not kill GMail

Facebook is all set to release its mail app. There are discussions all over the blogverse that it is going to be the much awaited GMail killer. This probably might not be true and i see very less reason of why this will turn out to be a GMail killer.

The reasons  being

1. Purpose of Mail communications now :-

the purposes we sent mails and the communications that happens through mail has transformed a lot in the last decade. A decade back, mail was the only media of internet communication . the main purposes then for sending mail communications were

  1. To be in touch with friends
  2. Official communication purposes
  3. Career purposes / Professional networking ( Applying for jobs)
  4. Notifications and newsletter subscriptions

Now, with the current internet media and with the advent of apps like Facebook, Twitter, Linked in many of the above communications are made irrelevant for email purposes

When was the last time you had a chain email conversation with your friend. the way you had it 4-5 years back? – Most of these communications happen through social networking sites now.Facebook newsfeed already serves this.

Official communication purposes- Mostly this is served by enterprise email softwares like microsoft exchange or google apps. however apart from that, how comfortable are you to have mail conversations with your prospective business partners through your facebook. Are you comfortable sharing your facebook Id with the business partners ?  Still people will prefer to use any Non-Facebook related programs.

Career purposes – Now most of these communications happen through Networking sites like LinkedIn.

Most of the Notifications are happening through twitter and facebook already. So there is nothing that is new now that will kill the existing email apps.

With all these transformations happening, will facebook mail kill Gmail?  I dont think so.




LINQ to SQL Error:the selected class cannot be deleted because…

When you try to delete a class from the .dbml file in VS designer you might face this error.

Error: the selected class cannot be deleted because it is used as the return type for one or more DataContext methods

Reason: Some of the stored procedures added to the .dbml file (Linq to SQL class) has  the selected class as a return type.

Resolution: Delete the stored procedures first  which has this class as return type, then delete the class.

ASP.Net MVC – View Data Class is empty when Adding VIEW

Problem :

1.  Write Code in the Asp.net MVC controller class.

2. Right Click on the Action method and click Add View

3. Select  ‘Create a Strongly Typed View’

4.  View Data class drop down is empty or View Dataclass does not have the class name

Solution :-

Build / rebuild the Solution and make sure it compiles successfully.

Try Add View now. The view dataclass should be appearing in the drop down.

RIA Services : Common Errors & Resolutions

I have been trying RIA Services in VS 2010 RC and I came across many errors. Here is the documentation of the common errors that i encountered and the resolution

Error 1: System.Windows.Ria.Controls is not recognized.

Solution:  All the Ria Service controls are moved to  “System.Windows.Controls.DomainServices”


Error 2: ControlParameter is not recognized. / FilterDescriptorCollection is not recognized

Solution : ControlParameter and FilterDescriptorCollection are removed. Now the FilterDescriptors element can have filterDescriptor directly below it and each filterDescriptor can have the  Binding information.


<riaControls:FilterDescriptor PropertyPath="Origin" Operator="StartsWith" Value="{Binding ElementName=originFilterBox, Path=Text}" /> </riaControls:DomainDataSource.FilterDescriptors>

Facebook indexing the web – Facebook Like

The biggest announcement of this week – Facebook Like. As expected there are lot of privacy concerns raised about the like button. So now any web site could add the like button in their website. When a facebook user (logged in facebook in the computer) visits that web page, he will see the following

1. Like button

2. List of his friends who liked this page

3. Total number of visitors who liked this page.

With this mass input of data about each of the website pages, Facebook could rank the web pages based on its popularity an dbased on its visitors rating. With this information,  facebook could easily develop a search , which could pull out all relevant links ranked based on popularity. Facebook will not need any web crawlers, to fetch information about web. Did Mark Zuckerberg struck a gold pot?