RIA Services : Common Errors & Resolutions

I have been trying RIA Services in VS 2010 RC and I came across many errors. Here is the documentation of the common errors that i encountered and the resolution

Error 1: System.Windows.Ria.Controls is not recognized.

Solution:  All the Ria Service controls are moved to  “System.Windows.Controls.DomainServices”


Error 2: ControlParameter is not recognized. / FilterDescriptorCollection is not recognized

Solution : ControlParameter and FilterDescriptorCollection are removed. Now the FilterDescriptors element can have filterDescriptor directly below it and each filterDescriptor can have the  Binding information.


<riaControls:FilterDescriptor PropertyPath="Origin" Operator="StartsWith" Value="{Binding ElementName=originFilterBox, Path=Text}" /> </riaControls:DomainDataSource.FilterDescriptors>


One comment

  1. Hi sundararajans,

    I have also encountered these problems and almost all articles discusses SL3 when I googled these errors. Thanks for your post regarding the removal of FilterDescriptorCollection and the solution.

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