Why Facebook Mail might not kill GMail

Facebook is all set to release its mail app. There are discussions all over the blogverse that it is going to be the much awaited GMail killer. This probably might not be true and i see very less reason of why this will turn out to be a GMail killer.

The reasons  being

1. Purpose of Mail communications now :-

the purposes we sent mails and the communications that happens through mail has transformed a lot in the last decade. A decade back, mail was the only media of internet communication . the main purposes then for sending mail communications were

  1. To be in touch with friends
  2. Official communication purposes
  3. Career purposes / Professional networking ( Applying for jobs)
  4. Notifications and newsletter subscriptions

Now, with the current internet media and with the advent of apps like Facebook, Twitter, Linked in many of the above communications are made irrelevant for email purposes

When was the last time you had a chain email conversation with your friend. the way you had it 4-5 years back? – Most of these communications happen through social networking sites now.Facebook newsfeed already serves this.

Official communication purposes- Mostly this is served by enterprise email softwares like microsoft exchange or google apps. however apart from that, how comfortable are you to have mail conversations with your prospective business partners through your facebook. Are you comfortable sharing your facebook Id with the business partners ?  Still people will prefer to use any Non-Facebook related programs.

Career purposes – Now most of these communications happen through Networking sites like LinkedIn.

Most of the Notifications are happening through twitter and facebook already. So there is nothing that is new now that will kill the existing email apps.

With all these transformations happening, will facebook mail kill Gmail?  I dont think so.






  1. Dear Sundararajan…nice write up and thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    I agree with you mostly that many channels are now open for communication like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. But the basic purpose of email has still not changed. Chained communication is still in need. I know lot of professionals who don’t use any of the social/professional networking sites and rely on simple email solutions for communicating with others. That is a personal perspective of those individuals.

    What can potentially decide a failure or success for an email solution is the compatibility with mobile devices in the current world, search capability, strength against spam, security of PII data, ease of use and lot many other factors. This is just my thoughts.

  2. Facebook has still a long way to go before it can give some tough competition to Google. Gmail is fast and its id can be used in many of Google’s services much like Windows Live.

    I used both Gmail Hotmail…. The later one was my first ever mail client even before Microsoft took it over…

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